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    You are ensuring that the individual has given genuine documents and is alive, Screenzaa helps you to know if the individual is a terrorist or a part of any investigation for example by EOW and many such lists.
    The answer is Yes. If you have any kind of license to do business under the guidelines from RBI / SEBI / IRDA / PFRDA or associated entities or if you are practicing CA / CS or if you deal with Gems and Jewelry, you are mandated by the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) to mandatorily perform client screening.
    The negative lists for individuals and firms get published and updated on a daily basis, so your existing relationship needs to be checked everyday against the list.
    Ideally, every relationship that requires your trust should be validated through a screening process to protect your business from a larger future liability.
    More than monetary implication, Screenzaa protects your reputation and buys a peaceful sleep along with avoiding financial losses
    Checks, using Screenzaa, can be done in multiple ways and it does not disturb the current or new journey whether digital or manual. With Screenzaa, manual check can be done in split seconds and in case you are using Screenzaa APIs check can be done in 1/6th of a second
    Absolutely. Screenzaa by Trackwizz is an entity registered and based out of India. The database is localized and servers are located in India
    Yes. Once you are registered with Screenzaa, any entity in India is enabled to perform a screening. To add to this, we procure and aggregate data from publicly identifiable sources.